Monday, August 16, 2010

Walls That Talk

- Second oldest building in Dockyard
- Housed the Royal Marines Light Infantry
- Bermuda's maximum security prison from early 1960's - 1994
- Regeneration projects ongoing to restore the building into its original state which will make a popular tourist spot.

Gaining access to this site was amazing as it enabled a genuinely eerie sense of 'history'. A photojournalistic conceptual project seemed to jump out as I cautiously wondered through the small rooms.

A combination of old and modern stories seem to mix through these structures in an incomprehensible amalgamation that seemed to unravel only within the small intimate details.

Trying to get into the frame of mind of someone in these cells is nearly impossible when spending a mere 5 minutes in the individual cells. However, I found a few objects that can mean so much more to someone 'inside' . For example the 'lock and key' is not just a mechanical fastening device... it is the symbol defining being 'locked up', 'lack of freedom' and 'held against one's own will'. This may seem obvious but to someone staring at the same object for hours it can then take on new meanings relating to this idea.

The ceiling fan may also be a simple object but how many hours did the inmates lay in their beds staring up at these spinning blades? Dizzy with guilt? Or more literal ... missing their family home with air-conditioning. The small details within historical walls can be very interesting as they can induce fascinating narratives into the creative mind

A sense of freedom?

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