Friday, April 30, 2010


Ely successfully gave birth to her first calf, which brings Dolphin Quest Bermuda newborn total to three in as many weeks!

Once the sex of the calves are determined there will be a competition open to name the newborns. In the mean time I am calling Ely's calf 'Chingas' (Bermudian for 'wow') due to the circumstances that surrounded my attendance at the birth which I managed with 4 minutes to spare!

The low light levels and Ely's sporadic swimming pushed my camera to its limits. With the aperture at f-2.8, Shutter speed at 1/125sec and the ISO to the extreme of 6400 I managed to capture the 'flukes out' stage of the birth with no tripod.

As you can see below the calf came out tail first. These images are just two minutes before the calf was fully out and nudged to the surface by its Mum for its first breath.

Day one - Ely and Chingas

'Surfing' - Ely helping Chingas up for a breath

Caliban also helping her calf

Monday, April 19, 2010

Lost and found

Began the epic mission of trying to organize 245,000 images (approx.) into a stock library of some sort. Fingers crossed I'll be finished by the time Scotland qualifies for a world cup, breathing space or what!!!

Here are some shots that caught my eye.

A few from back in the day!

Front Street, Hamilton

Pickled Onion, Bermuda

Sunderland Sunset- Project Space

Free-runner Ben at High Force Waterfalls


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Monday, April 12, 2010

Dolphin Quest - Part V - Returning visitors

The cruise ships and the Queens relay baton were in Dockyard for a quick visit today!

Images copyright of Jamie Macmillan/Dolphin Quest

Photo gallery of the Baton's travels...

The Keep reflections on a high flyer

About the Baton

The baton’s journey symbolises the unity and shared ideals of the Commonwealth of Nations, and enables communities beyond the Host City to share the Games celebrations. It also serves a functional purpose in carrying Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s ‘message to the athletes’ from Buckingham Palace in London to the opening ceremony of the Games.

The Queen’s Baton Relay 2010 Delhi commenced from Buckingham Palace, London, on the 29 October 2009. The baton will then travel through all other 70 Commonwealth nations – a historic journey that will cover a distance of more than 170,000 kilometres in 240 days. (

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dolphin Quest - Part IV (Newborns)

All images copyright Dolphin Quest

Two baby dolphins born on the same day! Bailey and Caliban gave birth to their calves on April Fools..... no joke.

Caliban delivered first at 12.30am and Bailey followed at 6pm.

Calves are usually born tail or fluke first. However, these newborns were both rostrum first which is quite rare. I was lucky enough to see the second birth which included Bailey nudging her newborn to the surface of the water for it's first ever breath! Unbelievable.

The relationship between the dolphins and trainers is amazing to watch on a daily basis but even more so under these circumstances. During Bailey's delivery she would glide alongside the dock to 'show off' her belly and then drift closer to be rubbed down. A remarkable degree of trust to witness first hand.

Where is David Attenborough anyway? Bermuda bound I hope!

Here are a few shots from the calves' first few days...

Coming soon.... Ely's newborn (She is due this week!)

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dolphin Quest - Part III

Summertime is coming! I can feel it in the air... cruise ships, beach football/volleyball, rum fun in de sun, cruising paradise lakes, jumpin' off the south shore rocks and three dolphin calfs! All Definitely - In the post!

Unwritten rule that Bermudian's DO NOT get in the water until May 24th ... CRAZY TALK ON D ROCK!

Swimming with dolphins any time of the year - Happy days
(wetsuit provided for cold blooded mammals!)

All images copyright of Dolphin Quest

Dolphin Quest - Part II

The Bermuda location has nine Atlantic Bottle-nose dolphins (three pregnant!)

Their average lifespan is 24 years but have been known live into their late 40's. Cirrus is the oldest in Bermuda, she is 36!

Mad fact of the week: Dolphins get a new layer of skin every two hours!!!!

All images copyright of Dolphin Quest

Coming soon... baby dolphins!