Monday, March 22, 2010

Dolphin Quest - Part 1

All images are copyright Dolphin Quest Bermuda

My first week in a full time job is complete so this means many of you owe me money or have to shave your head through lost bets! ha ha... Maybe a double or quits that I will pass my driving test before I'm 35???!!!

The student lifestyle seems a million miles away when I wake up at 6.45 AM! However, watching the sun rise across the sound while sitting on the fast ferry (coffee in hand) and being greeted into work by perma-smiling dolphins is hard to beat.

Here are a few shots of my sunday swim....

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

BAA 30th Anniversary Dinner - Photo Link

Photos from Saturday's Dinner and Sunday's Liverpool Game can be found @

Prices and deal bundles below in previous blog...

To order prints/CD please email at

Article will run in Friday's Bermuda Sun

Hope everyone has recovered by now! All the best

Monday, March 1, 2010

BAA 30th Anniversary Dinner

What a night. It's monday afternoon and my heads still a wee bit fuzzy. I need another two days off to get over that weekend.

A room full of penguins with more stories than a block of Glasgow's high-rises! Mixed with a fantastic talk from our special guest Kenny Sansom, I mean Alan Kennedy (sorry Alan ha ha). (The Dalglish penalty story will stay with me forever!.... and unfortunately Duncan's 'singing' and Trevor's golf swing will as well!)

I hope to have all the images uploaded by Wednesday.

I know many people like to have the photos for facebook etc so there is an option to buy the images on a CD.

Personalized CD - Choose your favourites $7 an image
Full CD - All photos $50

Prints also available...
10 x 8 Prints are $20 Contact me for other sizes -

Deal Bundle: Full CD of images plus three 10 x 8 prints $75

By the way... whoever it was that showed up for the golf tournament yesterday with a case of Corona and no golf clubs.... comedy genius!