Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dolphin Quest - Part IV (Newborns)

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Two baby dolphins born on the same day! Bailey and Caliban gave birth to their calves on April Fools..... no joke.

Caliban delivered first at 12.30am and Bailey followed at 6pm.

Calves are usually born tail or fluke first. However, these newborns were both rostrum first which is quite rare. I was lucky enough to see the second birth which included Bailey nudging her newborn to the surface of the water for it's first ever breath! Unbelievable.

The relationship between the dolphins and trainers is amazing to watch on a daily basis but even more so under these circumstances. During Bailey's delivery she would glide alongside the dock to 'show off' her belly and then drift closer to be rubbed down. A remarkable degree of trust to witness first hand.

Where is David Attenborough anyway? Bermuda bound I hope!

Here are a few shots from the calves' first few days...

Coming soon.... Ely's newborn (She is due this week!)

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