Sunday, February 14, 2010

Gun Powder Tavern

Similar to my visit of Cooper's Island, having good contacts on this island has led me to another fantastic opportunity to photograph Bermuda's historical buildings in true documentary fashion.

"Williams Fort was where Bermudians in 1775 with great treachery stole hundreds of barrels of gunpowder from the British in their support of the American Revolution. (Today, elsewhere in Bermuda, American visitors can see the original letter from George Washington asking Bermudians to steal the gunpowder).

British soldiers were brought in to stop Bermudian "treachery." The United States and France plotted to capture Bermuda but never followed through. The gunpowder was used by the Americans at the Battle of Bunker Hill". -

The fort was turned into a restaurant in the 1960's, Gun Powder Tavern.

Segments of the fort and hints of the restaurant social aspect are an interesting combination when crossed with the limestone stalagmites/stalactites which provides an eerie sense of life to the deserted rooms.

A mix of daylight, long exposures - light painting with torches and off-camera flash creates some very unusual imagery within these historical walls.

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