Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Xmas in Bermuda (2009)

Bermuda may not follow the traditional 'White Christmas' feeling at this special time of year but there is definitely festive spirit all around!

This blog shows the work of chef, Oomed Sujeeun with his gingerbread village. Other images include the impressive Christmas light displays throughout the island.

Baby Jessica (Dec 2009)

Akenside Developments

Akenside Developments are renting new office space in Newcastle's busy city centre as well as storage space and restaurant lets in the Sunderland area.

A link to the Akenside website will appear in this space when it is fully functional.

The Biscuit Factory

My conceptual degree show work 'Modern Mythology II' was chosen for the Helios VII show at The Biscuit Factory gallery in Newcastle, UK.

The exhibition had a great turn out at the opening night on the 15th October and the work was shown for five weeks.

Model Portfolio: Caroline

Model Portfolio: Danielle

Model Portfolio: Jo

New Equipment

In November, I purchased some new equipment to open up my lighting possibilities within the fashion photography world. My new toy is the safari 600 ringflash.

Here are some of the experiments within the studio environment using both the ring-flash and directional light which includes a self-portrait and fashion based work. Model: Adam Cutts

Publications (Bermuda October 2009)

My images were chosen for FMG's 2010 calendar through Total Marketing Group. Six of the 12 months feature my photographs. Below are some examples. The first image, 'Sunset Blur' was my entry to the magazine 'The Bermudian' light fantastic photo competition. It was a finalist and appears in the winter edition of the publication - on sale now.

Bermuda Newspaper articles (September 2009)

In the lead up to my outside exhibition and print sale to take place at Rumbar on October 1st I was lucky enough to feature in two local newspapers. The articles appeared in the Mid Ocean news and the Bermuda Sun

Bermuda (Sept-Oct) Personal Work II - Light Drawings

During my time in Bermuda I experimented with long exposures and 'painting with light' imagery for some interesting night shots at the beach and other locations

Bermuda (Sept-Oct) Personal Work I - Landscapes

Here are some images taken during the time I spent living on a boat in Paradise lakes. Locations include a dramatic sunset at Long island, Crisson's island and a segment of Cavello Bay.

Bermuda Trip September-October 2009

Samples of some commercial and editorial work that appeared in the '' travel magazine and The Bermuda Sun newspaper during September.